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Updated : 15/10/2016

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About this Site


This web site is primarily intended for the private use of the Harper family, friends and colleagues and hence the larger part of the content is unavailable to the public.

The primary reason for this restriction is, obviously, that of confidentiality of personal information but a secondary yet significant reason is that, prior to retirement, I worked as a research scientist and over the years collected a large amount of technical information in electronic format which I continue to reference . This information is stored, catalogued and searched by myself using this web site but the problem is that I am unable to trace the original source of a lot of the data and therefore I am unable to comply with the copyright requirements should I make this information publicly available.

However, the development of the site would not have been possible without a lot of public source code snippets and material gleaned from the internet and it seems only fair and reasonable to share any minor developments and experiences by myself arising from the creating of this site.

Logo Design

As is always the case, the domain name you would really like has either been taken or squatted, so, I was restricted internationally to the domain of and the domains and in South Africa.

The development of a logo quite simply focussed on an alliteration of the full name to g sharper and the adoption of the standard musical representation of the G major sharp with the addition of a single quote to designate a further order, as in mathematical notation, to indicate a step beyond G Sharp to G Sharper.
To hear the tones associated with the various G#s click on either the notes on the stave or the red areas in the image below.
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