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Updated : 16/10/2016

One-Wire Slaves

Slaves by Family Code

List of known Family Codes with support information.

Includes 3rd party and deprecated devices.

Standard Devices
Family Code
Name Description Links Notes
00 Link locator Provide location information iButton illegal family code used to signal the link locator
01 DS2401
ID-only Datasheet
02 DS1991 Multikey Datasheet
04 DS2404 EconoRam Time chip Datasheet 3-wire interface as well
05 DS2405 Switch Datasheet
06 DS1993 Memory Datasheet 4Kb
08 DS1992 Memory Datasheet 1Kb
09 DS2502
Memory Datasheet
0B DS2505 Memory Datasheet
0F DS2506 Memory Datasheet
10 DS18S20 Temperature Datasheet
12 DS2406 Switch Datasheet Also TAI8579 barometer and T8A voltage
14 DS2430A Memory Datasheet
16 DS1954
crypto-ibutton Datasheet
18 DS1963S
SHA iButton Datasheet
1A DS1963L Monetary iButton Datasheet
1B DS2436 Battery monitor Datasheet
1C DS28E04-100 Switch Datasheet
1D DS2423 Counter Datasheet No longer available! Alternatives
1E DS2437 Battery monitor Datasheet
1F DS2409 Microhub Datasheet This product is no longer available.
20 DS2450 Quad A/D Converter Datasheet This product is no longer available. DS2450 is available only for existing customers due to process nonavailability for new builds.
21 DS1921 Thermocron Datasheet
22 DS1922 Temperature Datasheet
23 DS2433
Memory Datasheet
24 DS2415 Clock Datasheet
26 DS2438 Battery monitor Datasheet Also Humidity sensors, multi-sensors
27 DS2417 Clock + interrupt Datasheet
28 DS18B20 Temperature Datasheet Variable precision
29 DS2408 Switch Datasheet Also LCD controller
2C DS2890 Variable Resistor Datasheet
2D DS2431
Memory Datasheet
30 DS2760 Battery Datasheet
32 DS2780 Battery Datasheet
34 DS2703 SHA-1 Battery Datasheet
35 DS2755 Battery Datasheet
36 DS2740 Coulomb counter Datasheet
37 DS1977 password EPROM Datasheet
3A DS2413 Switch Datasheet
3B DS1825 Temperature
3B MAX31826 Temperature
3D DS2781 Battery Datasheet
41 DS1923 Hygrocron Datasheet
42 DS28EA00 Temperature/IO Datasheet
43 DS28EC20 Memory Datasheet
44 DS28E10 SHA-1 Authenticator Datasheet
51 DS2751 Battery monitor Datasheet
7E EDS00xx Environmental Monitors Temperature, Humidity, Barometric pressure, Light, Relay control, vibration, RTD thermisters
82 DS1425 Authorization Datasheet
89 DS1982U Uniqueware Datasheet
8B DS1985U Uniqueware Datasheet

3rd Party Devices
Family Code
Name Description Links Notes
A0 mRS001 Rotation Sensor CMC Industrial Electronics
A1 mVM001 Vibration CMC Industrial Electronics
A2 mCM001 AC Voltage CMC Industrial Electronics
A6 mTS017 IR Temperature CMC Industrial Electronics
B1 mTC001 Thermocouple Converter CMC Industrial Electronics 21 channels
B2 mAM001 DC Current or Voltage CMC Industrial Electronics
B3 mTC002 Thermocouple Converter CMC Industrial Electronics 168 channels
EE UVI Ultra Violet Index Hobby Boards
EF Moisture
Moisture meter.
4 Channel Hub
Hobby Boards
FC BAE0910
Programmable Micro-processor Datasheet BAE0910
Datasheet BAE0911
Brain4Home Multifunction 1-wire chip: i/o, adc, pwm, rtc, counter, EEPROM
FF LCD Swart LCD Louis Swart
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