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Updated : 16/10/2016

GHowSAW Temperature Calibration

Temperature Calibration

The DS18S20 is the most commonly used temperature device used in 1-wire based systems. The typical error curve for this device is shown below.

From the above it can be seen that the mean error of less than 0.2 °C is much less than the accuracy to which a calibration temperature can be established in a home environment and therefore the way to go is to just accept the readings provided by a functional DS18S20. The in-built accuracy and resolution is more than sufficient for weather station applications.

If for some reason you suspect the temperature reading to be in error e.g. in comparison to another local weather station then first check the location of your sensor, is it in the sun? If is is then check the operation of your radiation shield or Stevenson Filter - If your sensor is in the sun then you must have a radiation shield to get accurate results. Finally check your maths especially if you are doing any temperature conversions.

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