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Updated : 16/10/2016

Introduction to the GHowSAW Weather Monitoring System


The starting point was the development of a one-Wire based SensorWeb for monitoring of the energy usage of my home. I new that the project development of the one-wire systems and software would be more easily managed if there was an existing target application so I purchased a WS602 RS485 Weather Instrument Kit from AAG ( Big Mistake! and subsequently replaced with component from Hobby Boards ). As a result of using Tim Blitsons excellent book "WeatherToys" and trawling through the large amount of information available on the internet about such systems I found that the learning was relatively quick and easy and I soon had a basic system up and running.

The weather station includes devices to measure:-

  • Temperature,
  • Radiation,
  • Humidity,
  • Pressure,
  • Rain fall,
  • Wind Speed and
  • Wind direction.

However, with a little mathematics and some ingenuity these sensors are sufficient to produce a whole range of different measures such as:- Windchill, Heat Index, Dew-point, Cloud Types and even some rudimentary forecasting (perhaps a little better than tapping the barometer on the hall, but not much). How these are achieved is described in some detail.

Finally I have presented my finding of the most effective ways of calibrating the devices. I say 'effective' to mean the most cost effective way of calibrating home devices to provide acceptable levels of calibration for the home user and not necessarily to compete with the local weather bureau.

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