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Updated : 16/10/2016

GHowSAW Weather Data Downloads

GHowSA Data downloads

Click on any of the icons in the table below to download detail or summary weather data in CSV format. Detail data provides data at 1 minute intervals except for temperature which is sampled at 5 minute intervals. The summary downloads are daily summaries of the detail data and generally include, where appropriate, maximum, minimum and average values over a day.

The measurement location is Lattitude :-26.154088° Longitude:28.33509° Altitude:1675m

Device Download Detail Data as CSV Download Summary Data as CSV
Hours of Data Days of Data
1 3 6 12 24 168 30 60 120 240 365 All
Humidity (RH%)
Lightning (dpm)
Pressure (kPa)
Radiation (Wm-2)
Rain (mm)
Temperature (C)
Wind Speed (kph) Direction ()
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