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Updated : 16/10/2016

GHowSAW Weather Monitoring System


The intention of the GHowSAW is to monitor local meteorological conditions. Designed using exclusively one-wire slave devices coupled to a range of sensors it was my first application of a SensorWeb using GHowSA and proved to be a very useful learning excercise. The learning was relatively quick and easy, primarily as a result of using Tim Blitsons excellent book "WeatherToys" and the large amount of information available on the internet about such systems.


Introduction to GHowSAW GHowSAW Weather Station Set up GHowSAW Data Downloads Available GHowSAW Charts Recognition of clouds with a pyranometer. Sunshine hours with a pyranometer. Sun-Rise, Sun-Set Data The currrent weather details


Information on temperature devices. Information on wind speed devices. Information on wind direction devices. Information on pressure devices. Information on humidity devices. Information on radiation devices. Information on lightning devices. Information on rain devices

Theory and Calibration

Information on temperature calibration. Information on wind speed calibration. Information on wind direction calibration. Information on pressure calibration. Information on humidity calibration. Information on radiation calibration. Information on Lightning calibration Information on rain calibration
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