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Updated : 16/10/2016


Personal experience has shown that when it comes to household energy, significant energy savings can be achieved simply by an ongoing vigilance or awareness of how much electrical energy is being used at any moment. To avoid repeated trips to the electricity meter I extended my existing one-wire sensorWeb system GHowSA to include the include the monitoring of household energy usage. This system GHowSAE has been designed using exclusively one-wire slave devices coupled to a range of sensors.
Having already developed a weather SensorWeb GHowSAW using GHowSA, implementation was relatively quick and easy, and now provides live data and charts of energy consumption.

Detail information on energy costs

Detail information on energy usage Live energy charts.
Detail information on energy savings achieved. Detail information on lighting costs and alternatives. Solar position calculations Calculations on solar radiation.
Detail information on energy meters and how they work Detail information on energy measurement methods used Measuring energy consumption with 1-wire system How to calculalate how much energy is used
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