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Updated : 6/2/2017

Documents from One-Wire

A design guide for the layman: understanding, designing and building MicroLan™ (1-Wire) networks. [1072 kb]
Abstract: This document provides extensive detail information and explanations on the creation and optimisation of 1-wire Microlans.
This document covers the one-wire protocol, building a network of devices, and network topology. In addition a section is provided on rules to follow for:-Network Design, Cable planning , Devices, Bus Masters, Micro-controller Interfaces, and Slave Devices.
In general I found this to be a very useful reference. 
Reference: Springbok Digitronics
Keywords: mining explosive

Building a RuralHomeSoft Irrigation System [487 kb]
Abstract: Irrigation systems have three main components: controller, plumbing and water distribution devices. The objective here is to describe how to set up a RuralHomeSoft™ (RHS) smart controller system and interface it to standard irrigation hardware. A high degree of flexibility is provided by the software and the controller hardware and a number of different construction scenarios are possible using different parts and sources. As such, a general guideline on how to assemble the system is provided. 
Keywords: general

One Wire RJ45 Wiring Convention [39 kb]
Keywords: general

SensorWeb Article [252 kb]
Abstract: The Sensor Web is a distributed sensing system in which information is globally shared and used by all networked platforms. It's already been deployed long term in different environments and is opening up new avenues for distributed sensing and control. 
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